Lelutka – New Head Releases

playfuledit01The new releases coming out tomorrow (January 6th) from Lelutka are absolutely beautiful. Two heads – named “Nova” and “Erin” – are the newest of an Evolution line being released by the brand. You will find improved materials, lots of modification options that are new from previous heads released, and the mesh itself is very lovely. For the first two weeks, these heads will be on sale for L$3500, afterwards being bumped up to their normal price of L$5000 per head, so definitely get in there and demo, grab up your copies, and start your makeover before the promotional period ends.

Here’s your ride.

In this introductory post I am showing off Erin, because my androgynous character Ghost always makes an appearance when there are new female heads being made available by Lelutka.

Besides featuring such elements as being able to modify lashes separately (top and bottom instead of the default of both) and being able to change the size of eye irises, these new heads are optimized for use with Bakes on Mesh. That does mean that old makeup and tattoo appliers will no longer work on these heads. Optimized for use with Bakes on Mesh, this head is geared toward the future of SL and as such, start dusting off all of those old tattoos and cosmetics or take advantage of the many new updates and releases that are already including the Bakes on Mesh layers for use in styling your new looks. From what I understand, skin appliers will still work with these new heads for those favorites you already have in your inventory.

There are several materials options for the skin, eyes, teeth, and makeup to take advantage of. I had a chat with the designer, and there will be a developer kit out there for those of us who release products that have materials options. So, keep an eye out if you are a designer reading this and are wanting to have access to make appliers so that your materials can still be utilized on this new line of heads. I’ll be grabbing my kit the moment they become available tomorrow, because we know I like my shine and I want everyone else to continue enjoying the shine on my products with their new Lelutka model of choice.

There are also new HD makeup and lipstick options for specialized cosmetics designed on the HD spectrum so be certain to keep your eye out on your favorite cosmetics designers for what they’ll be coming up with to take advantage of these options.

The skin I am featuring is by Glam Affair, made for the ideal application on this new Evolution line. The one I have chosen for this look is “Xia”. These are not applier based, but instead are tattoo system layers in order to fully use the Bakes on Mesh system these heads are focused on.

There are tons of updates and options with this new line of heads. I’ve only scraped the surface. Be sure to keep an eye out on Lelutka’s official Flickr and website so you can grab all of the details.

I am also wearing a fabulous hair recently released by Exile, called “Angelina”. The materials, the colors, the style options, oh my. It’s gorgeous and it suits Ghost exceptionally well so I had to show it off here. I did add a few additional hair strands for the art of the composition, but this hair is extremely detailed and beautiful with its alpha texturing all on its own. I’m a little late on doing a shout out for this release so while Collabor88 is busy setting up for its January round you may be able to find this already available in main store.

Here’s your ride.

Nefekalum Releases @ Enchantment

This is Nefekalum’s first round at Enchantment, and there are two tattoos up for grabs at the event! The theme for this current round is Snow Queen and so there are two winter/frosty/story themed original tattoos for your winter pleasure.

Teleport to Enchantment

Teleport to Nefekalum

NT - Kay's Vision Small

“Kay’s Vision”

Price: L$175


  • Omega Evolved appliers (Materials-Enabled Tattoo)
  • Unisex
  • System layers for use with Bakes on Mesh
  • Tintable and colored layers included

NT - Winter's Spirit Ad Small

“Winter’s Spirit”

Price: L$150


  • Omega Evolved applier (Materials-Enabled Tattoo)
  • Unisex
  • System layer for use with Bakes on Mesh

Hunt Prize

There is also an Enchantment hunt taking place where gift items may be searched out and claimed in the main stores of those participating this round. Nefekalum is offering a recolor of one of its popular face tattoos, exclusive for this hunt. This item will be retired after the hunt’s completion, so now is your only chance to grab it up for yourself!


Nefekalum Tattoos, coming soon to Hallow Manor

HallowManorCollageFlickrAdTwo new exclusives from Nefekalum Tattoos are coming to the Hallow Manor event, opening on October 18th.

“Organic Decay” – An upper body tattoo available in omega layers and system layers for use with Bakes on Mesh.

“Abstract Dahlia” – A facial paint/cosmetic available in omega layers and system layers for use with Bakes on Mesh.

The event opens on October 18th. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/…/Corrupted%20Innoc…/179/188/1801

“Then again, he may be the devil…”

hemaybethedeviledit01smallHeadpiece, Eye Makeup, & Orbits: Zibska ~ Ceto @ The Liaison Collaborative
Skeletal Altar: Necromantic Altar Black – Casa Diabolica, a preview for The Dark Style Fair 2019. This event opens on October 6th, 8 a.m. SLT and runs to October 31st, 8 a.m. SLT. To visit the event website, click here.
Ground Candles: {Lenore} Resting Place Candles, a preview for The Dark Style Fair 2019. This event opens on October 6th, 8 a.m. SLT and runs to October 31st, 8 a.m. SLT. To visit the event website, click here.
Dress: [Glitzz] Morticia Dress @ Salem
Gloves: Wicca’s Originals – Ryn Gloves [scales] Exclusive for The Ark